Is Reddit the Asshole?

Last updated 2019-09-15 21:42:32 (UTC)

Is Reddit Perceived to Be the Asshole?



After seeing /r/AmItheAsshole/ in my feed a bit too often, and finding that MOST people were definitely the asshole and merely seeking validation for their shitty behavior, I just had to put it to the test and record the results over a decent period of time. You're welcome to participate! Go to /r/AmItheAsshole/, read the stories, and make your judgment!


Every so often, the hottest posts from /r/AmItheAsshole/ are scraped. For each post, the votes are tallied by counting the score of each top-level comment starting with either YTA, NTA, or ESH. The post is marked for whichever of the three receives the super-majority, meaning 67% or more, of the comment score.

The perceived graph uses the same method as above, but also weights each post according to its post score. A high post score correlates to a high chance of appearing in your feed - meaning this is more like the reddit you experience daily!

Hall of Fame

DEFINITELY the Asshole

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for telling cashier that wasn’t the girls credit card? 134807 0 0
2 AITA for getting a family thrown out of a restaurant for underage drinking? 112296 1329 584
3 WIBTA if I don’t let my daughter put a lock on her door? 88622 0 0
4 AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator. 88392 0 0
5 AITA For Firing An Employee After His Parents Died? 86338 0 0
6 AITA I kicked a girl out of my house party for insinuating a drink I made her could be drugged. 81390 2413 0
7 AITA for telling the barista that my girlfriend is with me? 79195 8 0
8 AITA for refusing to pay at a restaurant that was false advertising? 78251 0 0
9 AITA for suggesting that my sister chose an easy love? 71875 0 0
10 AITA for refusing to pay for thousands for something my child broke? 67866 0 0

Total Vindication

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for telling my wife and in-laws to fuck off after they told me to stop cuddling my daughter? 153 86476 0
2 AITA for serving myself the biggest piece of meat? 19 69778 0
3 AITA for sleeping naked on top of the covers to teach my flatmate's gf a lesson? 0 66680 1002
4 AITA for kicking out my girlfriend because she said my relationship with my brother was disgusting. 4 55782 145
5 AITA for (rudely) refusing to give my kid's hand-me-downs and old toys & furniture to my sister? 0 53902 0
6 AITA for lying to my boyfriend about when an event starts? 0 53778 0
7 AITA for not paying for the extra meal I accidentally ordered at a wedding? 0 51683 0
8 AITA for showering my niece? 0 51014 0
9 AITA - Mad at my wife for throwing away pendant from previous marriage 0 50995 0
10 AITA for ruining both my parents marriages for disowning me? 9 50334 131

Everyone Sucks Here

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for refusing to share my extra income with my wife when she didn't share hers with me when she earned more? 539 1730 52406
2 AITA for telling people my sister had an abortion. 650 8896 42494
3 AITA for honking at another driver who cut in front of me at a drive thru each time she tries to order 7 4430 36869
4 WIBTA? A literal kid (18 and in high school) lied to me (24) about his age and tricked me into a dating him. WIBTA if I tell his school and football coach? 8354 6 36398
5 AITA for pointing out to my friends that they are not famous? 5484 4934 31180
6 AITA for taking back the birthday gift I gave my sister? 800 667 26261
7 AITA for refusing to speak english to around my stepdad 2915 922 16520
8 AITA for refusing to buy period products this one time? 0 598 16475
9 AITA for dressing nicer than the couple getting married? 0 4522 16275
10 AITA for sharing my boyfriend’s fetish with his parents. 148 347 14238