Is Reddit the Asshole?

Is Reddit Perceived to Be the Asshole?



After seeing /r/AmItheAsshole/ in my feed a bit too often, and finding that MOST people were definitely the asshole and merely seeking validation for their shitty behavior, I just had to put it to the test and record the results over a decent period of time. You're welcome to participate! Go to /r/AmItheAsshole/, read the stories, and make your judgment!


Every so often, the hottest posts from /r/AmItheAsshole/ are scraped. For each post, the votes are tallied by counting the score of each top-level comment starting with either YTA, NTA, or ESH. The post is marked for whichever of the three receives the super-majority, meaning 67% or more, of the comment score.

The perceived graph uses the same method as above, but also weights each post according to its post score. A high post score correlates to a high chance of appearing in your feed - meaning this is more like the reddit you experience daily!

Hall of Fame

DEFINITELY the Asshole

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for telling cashier that wasn’t the girls credit card? 134807 0 0
2 AITA for getting a family thrown out of a restaurant for underage drinking? 112296 1329 584
3 AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator. 88392 0 0
4 AITA For Firing An Employee After His Parents Died? 86338 0 0
5 AITA for refusing to pay at a restaurant that was false advertising? 78251 0 0
6 AITA for suggesting that my sister chose an easy love? 71875 0 0
7 AITA for not punishing my son after he came up with a pretty elaborate plan to "peep" on the neighbor girl topless in her back yard? 67185 1728 1684
8 AITA for being mad my girlfriend took my keys? 58583 0 0
9 AITA for wanting another child? 58330 0 0
10 AITA because I ate more than "my share" of a 6 foot party sub last night? 57594 0 6544

Total Vindication

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for serving myself the biggest piece of meat? 19 69778 0
2 AITA for showering my niece? 0 51014 0
3 AITA - Mad at my wife for throwing away pendant from previous marriage 0 50995 0
4 AITA for stranding a date without a ride because she was ignoring me? 795 47884 0
5 AITA lost my temper and told my wife to "just shut up already, you don't get a say in this" after her constant inconsiderate nagging 0 44801 0
6 AITA for hitting on a guy who was making my girlfriend uncomfortable 2295 43628 11
7 AITA for cancelling on a group of very out of shape women that hired me to train/guide their hikes? 0 43267 0
8 AITA for keeping my website up after being asked to remove it? 91 42010 0
9 AITA for telling my family that if they gift us money for our wedding, there will be no "strings attached" or we will politely decline it? 72 41932 11
10 AITA for selling my daughter's car after discovering her texting & driving? 0 41578 4609

Everyone Sucks Here

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for telling people my sister had an abortion. 650 8896 42494
2 AITA for taking back the birthday gift I gave my sister? 800 667 26261
3 AITA for being upset that my wife told me she hated the necklace my kids and I picked out for her for Mother's Day? 3875 82 11734
4 AITA for outing my sister to my family? 1304 639 11280
5 WIBTA if I married a man with a child, and DID NOT take on the role of stepmom? 460 67 11104
6 AITA for pulling the “I make the money card”? 4 3937 10323
7 AITA for pranking my judgemental mother-in law? 49 1822 10292
8 AITA for bluntly telling my daughter that she in no way is capable of parenting? 3998 0 9446
9 AITA I threw an apartment warming party, invited 20 people. 2 showed up. I broke off friendships with everyone who said they would show up and just ghosted, and have been denying any gifts. 65 1480 8412
10 AITA for telling this girl I deserve sex from her? 3031 1 8220