Is Reddit the Asshole?

Is Reddit Perceived to Be the Asshole?



After seeing /r/AmItheAsshole/ in my feed a bit too often, and finding that MOST people were definitely the asshole and merely seeking validation for their shitty behavior, I just had to put it to the test and record the results over a decent period of time. You're welcome to participate! Go to /r/AmItheAsshole/, read the stories, and make your judgment!


Every so often, the hottest posts from /r/AmItheAsshole/ are scraped. For each post, the votes are tallied by counting the score of each top-level comment starting with either YTA, NTA, or ESH. The post is marked for whichever of the three receives the super-majority, meaning 67% or more, of the comment score.

The perceived graph uses the same method as above, but also weights each post according to its post score. A high post score correlates to a high chance of appearing in your feed - meaning this is more like the reddit you experience daily!

Hall of Fame

DEFINITELY the Asshole

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for flirting with 19 year old girls and defending myself when being called a predator. 88392 0 0
2 AITA for telling my girlfriend that there are fundamental differences between being a mom and being a dad? 43676 7 136
3 AITA for telling my husband he can’t have his nieces/nephews over at our house even when I’m not there? 35889 0 0
4 AITA for kicking out my 15 year old daughter for getting pregnant? 35302 6163 909
5 AITA for grounding my 12 yo daughter because she wants to buy sex toys online and being mad at my wife because encourages it? 26502 1826 10230
6 AITA for showing up to a couples event against the will of my fiancée? 23930 0 0
7 AITA for having made a fake Instagram account, managed to make my gf a follower, and posting inspirational quotes that help me? 21537 1 32
8 AITA for making someone feel bad for having an obscenely expensive diamond ring. 21375 54 35
9 AITA for missing my daughters birthday weekend? 15587 0 0
10 AITA for call my wife selfish on mothers day? 14839 -42 -4

Total Vindication

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA - Mad at my wife for throwing away pendant from previous marriage 0 50995 0
2 AITA lost my temper and told my wife to "just shut up already, you don't get a say in this" after her constant inconsiderate nagging 0 44801 0
3 AITA for reporting my car stolen when my sister took it after I told her not to? 0 39446 321
4 AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend over my video games. 0 36311 0
5 AITA for telling my friend's husband about her secret food stash? 11 35801 9
6 AITA for letting my picky eater child go hungry? 0 31798 0
7 AITA For calling my co-worker "chunky" after she repeatedly calls me "slim" and makes references to my weight after I asked her multiple times not to. 561 30834 44
8 AITA for not wanting to be involved with a child I helped conceive? 231 30767 240
9 AITA for not giving up my table (at a restaurant) for a pregnant woman who needed it for accessibility? 0 30428 0
10 AITA for thinking my girlfriend sleeping with her dad is inappropriate? 1094 30257 0

Everyone Sucks Here

Rank Link YTA Votes NTA Votes ESH Votes
1 AITA for taking back the birthday gift I gave my sister? 367 684 12551
2 AITA for being upset that my wife told me she hated the necklace my kids and I picked out for her for Mother's Day? 3875 82 11734
3 AITA for taking truth or dare bit too far -7 32 8125
4 AITA for breaking down and cheating on my spouse after almost two years of no consummation? -22 70 4591
5 AITA for hiding money from my wife? 16 32 3647
6 WIBTA if I rejected my girlfriend's proposal because she did the same to me a month ago? 1393 64 3251
7 AITA for honking and laughing at a guy as he was being arrested? About 10 minutes prior I'd been involved in a very scary road rage incident with him. Wife is furious at me. 263 413 2834
8 AITA for throwing a kids bike in a tree? -5 1107 2748
9 AITA for lying to my ex husband, my kids and my workplace about having a medical procedure when I was really just on a mini vacation 122 1091 2740
10 AITA for thinking we broke up. 644 82 2716